Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The World's Best Sporting Competition

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I know we're just coming off of an exciting Superbowl, but for me life wouldn't be the same without the Olympics. I have loved these events since I was a little girl watching Dorothy Hamill and Nadia Comaneci and now love to watch them with my boys. The events are in my backyard this year - Vancouver, Canada - and I am thrilled to be going! Getting tickets wasn't easy (or cheap), but this is truly a trip I've looked forward to all my life.

For families, I think the Olympics offer some truly great entertainment and life lessons. Amateur athletes from over 80 countries will be attending and chasing their Olympic dreams. I know there is a lot of carbon involved in getting all these people to Vancouver, but I think the benefits far outweigh the cost. Uniting young athletic competitors from around the world is one way of forging those bonds we need to realize we all have a responsibility for this planet.

I hope you take a chance to take in some of the Olympics with your families. Beyond the exciting competitions, it's also a great chance for fun geography and cultural lessons. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are great because they represent all the countries (in alphabetical order, I believe) marching into a stadium parade-style. Kids will have a chance to see their flag, as well as some of their local dress and customs. One fun activity is to pull out a world map and have the kids locate the countries as the athletes stream by. They can also check out an online interactive map with details on the athletes (including a cross-country skier from Kenya!) The athletes come from five different continents - that is actually what the five Olympic rings symbolize (no Antarcticans have entered yet!)

Two days and counting! I'll be up there shortly after and hope to blog my way through my trip. Vancouver has gone to great lengths to use sustainable building practices in creating the Olympic venues and I can't wait to see them up close. We are leaving our car at home so this will be public transportation from door to door. Thanks to Vancouver for promising to make it easy! Stay tuned...
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  1. Comments from Nikki and Cheryl via email...

    Ok, you've been keeping me on my toes! Greece will go first in the parade of countries since they are the originators of the Olympics. Canada will go last since they are the host country.

    The alphabetical order is based on the host country's language. I am assuming that will be English, not French, since this is British Columbia. We'll see...