Saturday, March 19, 2011

Check Out the Moon Tonight!

Tonight is a full moon and it's supposed to be the biggest one of our kids' lifetimes. At least it will be the largest appearing one since 1993.

It's the proximity that makes it bigger. Since the moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical shape (remember those ellipses from math class?), it varies in distance from the Earth. Tonight it is at its perigee which is the closest point. When it is at its furthest point, it's called apogee.

Should be a good night to look for the Man in the Moon!

Full Moon - 6400mmImage by Trypode via Flickr

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  1. Saturday was clear in Seattle, or almost so, and I was able to view Big Moon with my new telescope. Just learning but still good. Practiced with telescope this week in Tucson; viewing astro objects is much easier and faster in Tucson.
    Sunday was typical rainy weather and not good for viewing.