Monday, March 16, 2009

Which is Better?

The "which is better?" debates can be endless - Paper or plastic bags? Cloth or disposable diapers? Real or artificial Christmas trees?... The answers can sometimes be surprising once everything is taken into account. Frequently, the best choice is neither.

Take the diaper example. Sure, the disposable diapers are filling our landfills, but once someone calculated the environmental impact of washing all those cloth diapers and delivering them door-to-door, the answer became murky. Now, there are new diapers with flushable inserts that some eco-friendly parents are giving a try, so perhaps the debate has lead to some better solutions. (My own personal solution five years ago was just to get my kids out of diapers as soon as possible!)

There just might be an answer in the future to these endless debates with a new site called While it is still in development, if it delivers on its promise, it could truly be a revolutionary idea. Their goal is to help consumers choose safe, healthy, and green products and they do this by calculating the impact an individual product makes on the environment, on society, and on your health.

While there probably isn't enough data on the site yet to make you change the way you shop, I love this idea and applaud their efforts to help consumers. The more information we have, the smarter choices we can make.

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