Monday, November 23, 2009

29 Cent Turkeys

The newspaper inserts this week are full of ads for 29 cent Thanksgiving turkeys. I had already been planning to buy my turkey from Manna Mills, a local organic store and knew that I was paying more, but ten times more?!?

That big of a difference made me stop and pause. Is it worth it? I bought a 16 pound turkey for just under $50. That is definitely a big expense, but I am feeding 12 people a special holiday meal. Less than $4/person for the meat seems reasonable. When you think about it, what are you really getting for 29 cents a pound? Perhaps the stores are using the turkeys as loss leaders, but it also shows how mass-produced turkeys have become.

What do I get for 2.99/pound? A local free-range, antibiotic-free turkey. There are other ways to save money on the holiday and I'll concentrate on those instead. Some suggestions: be realistic in how much food you make (and eat!), send guests home with leftovers, reuse your own in something creative - soup, potato pancakes, sandwiches, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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