Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moon Reveals Its Secret

On October 9th, NASA crashed a rocket into the Moon's surface in an attempt to challenge the theory that the moon is dry and desolate.

Since the Moon is 1:1 tidally locked, only one...Image via Wikipedia


Results are now back that prove the Moon does have water. Apparently, lots of water. Does this mean that it could one day support humans visiting the Moon? Hmm... it's amazing to think what might be possible in our kids' lifetime. Of course, even if it could support human life, I would question whether we would want to send people up there given our history of exploiting the Earth's natural resources.

Interesting fact: It took the rocket 113 days to travel the 5.6 million miles to get there. That would be a very long family road trip!

The data is still being processed so stay tuned for the Moon to reveal more secrets.
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