Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Freezerful of Beef!

Yeah! I have local, organic beef to last a lifetime. Well, maybe not a lifetime, but 116 pounds should definitely last a long time in my family! My friend Susan from First Hand Foods just got through her first ever beef offering. We purchased a quarter cow and I just picked it up from Kelso's Kustom Meats in Snohomish on Tuesday. Although Susan's "farm" is not certified organic, she is a friend and I know what goes into her cows, so I count it as SOLE food - sustainable, organic, local, and ethical. It is a lot of meat, but it's also only $4/pound which is way cheaper than what you'll pay for an organic porterhouse steak!

Now, we have everything from roasts to steaks to ground beef and everything in between. We tried the ground beef out first because everything was frozen solid when I picked it up and it was the easiest to thaw. Yummy!

So, what does 116 pounds of beef look like? Well, here it is in my car...
...and here it is in my freezer.

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