Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recycling... 7-Year-Old Style

I love candles and, as a child, remember making them at home. A few years ago, I thought that would be a fun activity to try with the kids. Our first try was impromptu, so we just rounded up a bunch of candles that were burned down past the point of being lit anymore, melted them down, poured the wax into an aluminum Coke can, stuck a string in it, and... presto pillar candles. We eventually got more sophisticated and bought real wicks from a craft store, and tried out other molds, as well.

We have a bunch of wax saved up now, including some broken crayons, so I told the kids we would make some this weekend. A few nights ago, I was pouring off some hot wax from a burning candle into a small bowl when my 7-year-old decided my little bowl of drippings had the makings of a great candle. He grabbed a wick and...presto, his own little creation. He rummaged through the leftover wax pieces and found enough small ones to make a whole series.

He has now proclaimed his little plastic blue bowl the best candle mold ever and is planning a lighting ceremony for the candles this weekend. His candles definitely have their own style and I may never have to buy another candle again with his inspiration and dedication!

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