Thursday, April 1, 2010

Signs of Spring

It is just the beginning of spring, but already there are signs that winter is over. In my area, we seem to be getting the April showers and May flowers altogether, but I won't complain.

Most of the Farmer's Markets are still closed, but I just learned of a special early spring market

Farmers' MarketImage by NatalieMaynor via Flickr

in my neighborhood that I'm going to check out. I know many of my readers are in Snohomish County so I'll put in a quick plug for the Everett Community College Farmers Market on Wednesdays through June 2nd. To find one in another area, check out Local Harvest.

Another tip for some of my neighbors interested in fresh, local chicken: A friend of mine is pre-selling her Cornish Cross meat birds this summer and is taking orders now (before she even orders the chicks!) Check out First Hand Food for all the details. We had her first birds last year and they were very tasty.

Oh - and another sign it's Spring... It's April Fool's Day! I sent my boys to school today with sandwiches disguised in Starburst and Skittles jellybean bags. I already got an email from one of their teachers saying my son fell for it. I can imagine the moment when I was the coolest mom in the world for sending him to school with a giant bag of candy. Hmm... I think I better be ready for payback this afternoon!
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