Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wow - all those comments on yesterday's Earth Day post are a blogger's dream! Everyone wins! You've given me motivation - and a lot of ideas to go work on. Now, invite your friends to stop by too. Come back to share your thoughts and keep the conversation going.

(Note: PSP stands for Pumpkin Seed Packet! My mom grew some great pumpkins last year so we're passing along some of the seeds)

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss - Becky, Stacey, Aija, and Sally
PSP & World Wildlife Foundation bookmark - Angela
PSP & World Wildlife Foundation bookmark - Gina
PSP & World Wildlife Foundation Bday Calendar - Debbie
PSP & Handcrafted Pewter Oak Tree Lapel Pin - Beth
Flower Bulbs - Camille
The Original Natural Wheat Bag - Cheryl

I'll be getting the prizes out to you next week so be looking in the mail (or on your doorstep!) Thanks for the comments and to Aija who also donated the bulbs!

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