Friday, November 19, 2010

Do You Have Your Turkey Yet?

Thanksgiving is less than a week away - are you ready? Have you ordered your turkey or are you hoping to just pick it up in a mad dash next Wednesday?

People in the Seattle area might want to plan ahead more than usual because there is a good chance that our grocers will be on strike within the next 72 hours (they're still negotiating, but 94% have voted in favor of striking).

My turkey is already on order with Silvana Meats, but another possibility is to check out your local farmer's market. I've been getting emails from Tiny's Organic recently and their turkeys will be available at five different farmer's markets this weekend. No farmer's markets for me this weekend since I'm juggling 2 swim meets, 3 soccer games, and houseguests. I'm happy to sit at home and wait for my CSA, Klesick Family Farms, to deliver my holiday box on Monday complete with celery, onions, breadcubes, yams, cranberries, and apples.

Not in the Seattle area? Find a local farmer's market here.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Turkey

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