Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011: No Resolutions, Just Confessions...

If any of you out there are still reading this, you may wonder why I've taken almost two months away from the blog. It started with 'life is busy,' but eventually morphed into 'why am I writing this blog anyway?'

I like blogs and I like writing mine, but sometimes the subject matter makes me question myself. Is it too judgemental? Is it really necessary? Does it help anyone? Personally, I like funny blogs and this one just doesn't seem to lend itself to humor on a regular basis.

So, I decided to give up the blog.

But then I changed my mind. I was kind of missing it. And I kept finding ideas that I wanted to blog about, but then would remind myself that I wasn't blogging anymore. So, I'm back here again.

Some people start the new year off with resolutions, but I'm starting mine with confessions instead--mostly to reiterate that the point of this blog is to share ideas, but not to judge one another. There's certainly enough of that in the world!

So... here are my confessions of all the non-green things I've done lately. I try to protect the Earth, but I'll be honest and sometimes I just don't feel like it. What about you? Want to confess anything in the Comments? Remember - no judgement, we're just here to share ideas and pick the ones that work for us!

* I threw away all my old Christmas lights and bought new ones (despite the fact I'm fairly certain I blogged once about how to recycle old lights).
* I don't use any natural hair or skin care products or cosmetics.
* I subscribe to two daily newspapers (and a healthy dose of monthly magazines)
* I don't use all CFL light bulbs because sometimes I don't want to wait for them to warm up from their semi-dark starting point.
* I drive over 15,000 miles a year (in an SUV no less!)
* I like long, hot showers.

Do I feel guilty? Nope. There's enough of that in the world these days too. Happy 2011!


  1. I have a confession-
    Sometimes I put a recylable item in the trash because I'm too lazy to put it in the recycle toter in garage. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk!

  2. Glad you're continuting the blog. I've missed it. I often buy bottled water because I find that those bottles are more convenient to grab and go.