Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snack Mom Reduces Game Day Waste

It's game day and you're on the list as "snack parent" for the day. What do you do? Run to the grocery store and pick up one of those snack packs filled with Doritos and a case of water bottles?

I have absolutely been that mom - and have even done it during the game when I suddenly realized it was my day! I figured this week was my chance to redeem myself - what could I provide if I had some advance planning?

The goal was to reduce the waste, while still providing a healthy, fun snack for the kids. I settled on local Gala apples, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and cans of Crayons (a new all-natural, locally produced juice). I originally considered a big thermos of juice and paper cups, but I know, as a parent, that most of us are in a hurry to get home after an evening game so I went with something that was portable and recyclable instead.

One kid did ask what the fruit was for and then happily grabbed one when I told him it was part of the snack. That tells you how often we parents tend to offer healthy snacks after games.

I do admit it took more time to make the cookies than run to the store, but my younger son loves cookies and I rarely make them (because then I eat all of them) so it was worth it. The extras went to school today for Support Teacher Appreciation Day so we had homemade gifts for the teachers and no leftovers for me. Perfect!

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