Saturday, October 31, 2009

Long Live the Halloween Candy

OK, the annual Trick-or-Treat tradition is scheduled to take place in a few hours in my house and I'm already thinking about what to do with all that candy. The first choice is obvious - EAT IT - and we definitely do a fair amount of that in our house. But what about when we all have stomachaches? What should you do with all that leftover candy?? Here are a few thoughts on other uses for the candy.
1) Save the candy for decorating gingerbread houses in December.
2) Cut the candy bars into small chunks and substitute for chocolate chips when you make cookies.
3) Stash some in the glove compartment for emergencies (like when you're trying to bribe your kids at some critical moment - maybe not ideal parenting strategy, but it does work!)
4) Find a dentist who participates in the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program. There aren't any near me, but these dentists buy your candy and then ship it to our overseas troops.
5) Send it to a college student in need of a care package.
6) Melt the chocolate and caramel pieces for ice cream toppings.
7) Make a sign by gluing the candy (in the wrappers) to a poster board. I remember a Thank you sign for a coach one year, that made use of all the good candybar names like Butterfinger, 100 Grand, etc. Get creative!
8) Craft project anyone? I'm thinking Lifesaver necklace, but I'm sure there are lots of other options for some of the less messy candy.
Any other ideas for reusing Halloween candy??? Please share in the Comments section. If you read this in email or in a Reader you'll need to click through to the blog. Feel free to choose the Anonymous option if you don't have a Google account to register your comment.

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