Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cloud Inspirations

Yesterday, I was driving with my 8-year-old when he yelled out, "Whoa! Look!" I looked around for an impending accident, policeman, or something similar, but found nothing amiss.

"What are you looking at?" I asked, still wondering if I was about to crash.

"A teddy bear boxing a giant elephant!" he said.

Oh, of course, how could I have missed that? While I was concentrating on the road, the cars, and how many minutes I had to get him to a doctor's appointment, he had noticed it was one of those beautiful, puffy white cloud kind of days. The sky was full of interesting images and stories.

Clouds near the horizon are typically farther ...Image via Wikipedia

By the end of the day, he and his brother had also spotted:
  • A whale laying down next to a grandfather turtle
  • A giant fish being chased by a palm tree
  • A Japanese dude with buck teeth and a goatee wearing a hat

Personally, I had no idea that clouds revealed age and racial characteristics, but clearly I've not been looking hard enough. Next time you see those big puffy clouds, ask your child what they see - and see if you can come up with something as creative as they do!

Want to learn more about clouds? Check out Weather Wiz Kids which will teach you all kinds of cool things about clouds including the fact that big puffy white clouds are called cumulus clouds.

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