Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Tax Time - Shredded Paper, Anyone?

I wish I could say that I was one of those people who neatly file my paperwork in some great organizational system, but sadly, that's never been me. I'm more of a, "Oh no, it's March and my tax documents are squeezed into that giant pile along with the warranty manuals, kids report cards, medical records, and mortgage re-finance documents!" kind of person.

231/365: ShreddingImage by Gavin Luhrs via Flickr

So, here it is March again and I am once again vowing to never get such a giant pile again. There's much less paper coming in these days since many of my bills and statements are online, but my renewed attempt at creating a manageable filing system (I'm going with financial guru Suze Orman's advice this year), has lead to lots of paper shredding.

Where does all that shredded paper go? In my case, I put it in with our yard waste/food scraps where it gets turned into compost at Cedar Grove. Apparently, shredded paper doesn't have enough fiber to be good for recycling, but it does help with the composting. Check with your local garbage company to see if they have the same preferences.

I hope my spring cleaning contributes to some yummy vegetables or pretty flowers this summer!

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