Friday, May 21, 2010

How Do I Recycle Styrofoam Peanuts?

I get a lot of questions about styrofoam, and while I don't have any great answers about how to recycle styrofoam cups or take-out containers, I do know what to do with those little packing peanuts that sometimes arrive in boxes.

Actually, it's more re-using than recycle. Take them to your local packaging store and most will gladly take them off your hands for free. One store even offered me a few dollar coupon for my next visit in exchange for a bag of peanuts.

In regards to the rest of the styrofoam dilemma, it looks like some cities may just get rid of it altogether. Edmonds, WA is one city contemplating a ban on styrofoam takeout containers. There are nice, compostable options, but as with everything price is always a factor too.

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