Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New School Fundraiser

Tired of selling cookie dough, magazines, and wrapping paper?? Here's a new idea...

A heap of scrap metal.Image via Wikipedia

Kids can help clean up the neighborhood, keep metal out of landfills, and make some money with a scrap metal recycling event. Things like broken lawnmowers, barbecues, and old hot water heaters can all be scrapped. Even household items like pots and pans, bed frames, doorknobs, and waffle irons have value in the world of scrap metal. One look around your house or garage may yield more than you would expect. Imagine if everyone in the neighborhood were to contribute their scraps?

Schools that have organized these drives have raised upwards of $5000 with a single-day events. The first step is to find a scrap metal recycler in your area. While there isn't any one source to send you to, Google is always a good first step!
For my Greater Puget Sound readers, here's a link to a listing of local metal recyclers if you have anything you're needing to get rid of now.

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  1. Interesting related fact: Americans discard enough steel and iron to continuously supply all of the country's automakers.
    - From the fantastic book "One Makes The Difference: Inspiring Actions That Change Our World" by Julia Butterfly Hill