Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday is Bike to Work/School Day

Tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day and my family is going to participate in our own way - Bike to the Bus Stop Day! My children attend a school that is 10 miles away - which is a bit far for training wheels - but we can still contribute by biking the mile to the bus stop and leaving the car in the garage.

After much encouragement from the parents, our school decided to run a small bus to our neighborhood this year to take the 10 kids, rather than having all of us driving. We tried carpooling last year, but I thought I might lose my mind after driving six boys to and from school so the bus is a welcome change!

Most mornings, getting out the house by 7:30 to bike/walk to the bus stop is a bit more than we can manage. I've found sleepy legs don't move very fast, but we're planning in advance and I'll get them out of bed early if I need to tomorrow.

What about you? Can you bike (or walk) to work and/or school tomorrow? How about more often now that the weather is getting nice? OK, I live in Seattle and it isn't nice yet, but I'm trying to remain hopeful. I'm committed to walking and biking more, but would really like some sunshine to go with it!

Even if you don't participate, remember to keep an eye out for those extra cyclists on the road.


  1. Okay, you convinced me to walk to work tomorrow....