Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gardening, Wine & Chocolate

Wine & Chocolate HDRImage by beatbull via Flickr

What do gardening, wine, and chocolate have in common? Apparently, they are all recession-proof products. According to a study by Envirosell, the economic downturn has us turning inwards towards our families and homes. Perhaps that's why condoms are on the list of recession-proof products as well... cheap entertainment without the expensive consequences?!? Hmmm... on to the other items on the list...

Home vegetable gardens are supposed to go up more than 40% this year according to the National Gardening Association. That makes sense since it's a great way to get organic vegetables for very little money. The added benefit is there is no fossil fuel expenditure for transportation either.

Everyone knows chocolate can make you happy. Want some really good fair-trade organic chocolate? Check out Theo Chocolate for a list of stores that carry it across the country. I'm hoping my boys and I can go for a tour this summer since they are located in Seattle.

The wine seems to go right along with the chocolate. I can envision it now - sipping my glass of wine and nibbling on chocolate while admiring my garden. Lucky for me, Washington state has some great options for local wine. I haven't tried any organic wines, but maybe I'll check one out this summer and report back.

Spam was on the list too, but I think I'll stick with the wine, chocolate, and gardening!

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