Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mystery of Blog Comments

As promised, here is my quick primer on how to comment on my blog. I use Google's Blogger so I'll tailor my comments to that service. There are others out there, but they are all quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Step One - Find a post that makes you want to comment! You don't have to comment on things you aren't interested in, but if reading a post makes you think either a)that is complete nonsense - I totally disagree or b)I have an even better idea, then please join the discussion. This forum is all about sharing ideas!

Step Two - Look for and click on the word "comment" at the bottom of the post. It will likely say "0 Comments" - or more if this primer actually does its job. If you subscribe in email, you'll need to first click on the title of the post in the body of the email to get to the blog.

Step Three - Write your comment in the popup box.

Step Four - Fill out the "Comment as" box. I think the easiest way is to get a Google account and then use that to comment. It's quick, free, and easy. When you are on the blog, you will see a "Sign In" button in the upper right if you aren't already signed in. You can also post as Anonymous (feel free to put your name in the comment box mentioned above if you don't want to be anonymous) or as Name/URL (you can leave the URL box blank if you don't have a website). There are other choices too, but if you understand all those, you don't need this primer!

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