Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Big Earth

Today's topic, the right for all children to receive a basic education, deviates a bit from our previous discussions, but as a parent, I feel the responsibility to also look beyond my own family to the children of the world. It's a big planet, but we all share it and our actions absolutely affect one another - whether that be pollution or the fight against global poverty.
I recently entered The Big Read writing contest, sponsored by the ONE campaign, for an essay on this topic to be included in a book which will be delivered to President Obama. I didn't win the contest, but my essay, Bluefields Basic School, is currently being featured on their blog.
It shared the story of a visit with my then five-year-old son to a basic school in Jamaica. Read more to learn about our experiences and his perspective on them now. From that link, you can also add your signature for The Big Read book which will be delivered to President Obama on June 16th.

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