Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeping our Beaches Clean

Saturday, September 25th is International Coastal Cleanup Day. A great day to get out and enjoy the tail end of summer with your kids and keep the beaches clean. If you want to help out in your local area, check Ocean Conservancy's map to find the closest beach in your area.
Of course, if there aren't any local events, you could always create your own or just head down to the nearest beach with a trash bag! A friend of my son's is already signed upFamous Beach at Surf Coast of VictoriaImage via Wikipedia and we're going to see if we can head down to Edmonds Beach to help out.
Trash on the beach isn't a pretty sight, but it can be more than just ugly when it floats out to sea. All that trash can one day either ensnare or be consumed by a fish, bird, or other sea creature. And if that happens to be a fish or creature that we eat, we may be one day consuming that same trash that was once on our beach.
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