Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lessons from the Garden

OK, one gardening season under my belt and I learned so much!!

  • Planting early really does make a difference. I think about this a lot as I look at my tiny little eggplants and just hope for a few more of these 70+ degree fall days. Next year, I'll be ready!

  • Some years, there just isn't enough sun. I harvested TWO red tomatoes. Too bad I'm not hosting a Fried Green Tomatoes movie as I had hundreds of them! I take heart in the fact that I'm not alone after reading a recent local newspaper article dedicated to all us sun-deprived Seattle gardeners.

  • When the seed package says, "Plant 3 feet apart," they really mean it. I planted 3 tomato plants and it looked like a jungle.

  • Good soil makes a huge difference!

      • Stake plants before they get unruly. It is not possible to get a bigger tomato cage over the top of a tomato plant that has outgrown its too-small cage!

    • Gardens are a natural draw for kids. There's nothing better than hearing my boys show off their garden to friends that come to the house.
    • Home grown really does taste better, but... it does not necessarily make picky eaters into overnight vegetable lovers. Sometimes I just have to be happy that they will help grow, harvest, and wash the vegetable!

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    1. All of those green tomatoes that don't turn red before the end of the season, you can pick them wrap them in newspaper keep them in a cool place and in just a few days they will have ripened! You will have ripe red delicious tasting tomatoes for a longer period of time!